Optimal Research Network

Your Central Hub for Finding Optimal Trials to Treat Your Patients at the Optimal Time.

Optimal Research is expanding our global site network in Oncology. 

Maybe you are an active researcher in Oncology, possibly an occasional researcher, or maybe you have never worked on a clinical trial before.  Optimal Research has developed a suite of services that are tailored to support all types of clinicians no matter your experience level in clinical research

Below is a brief list of our services and their benefits.  To Learn More about the Optimal Research Network, please contact us at OptimalCommunity@OptimalSites.net, or by calling our Director of Consortium Services at 918-899-1012. 

Optimal Research Network Services:

  • Access to Research Studies (Trial Pipeline)
    • A Sales & Marketing team focused on bringing in new clinical trials
    • Centralized management and coordination between Contract Research Organizations (CROs) & Sponsor organizations (Pharmaceutical, Biotechs and Medical Device companies)
  • Just-In-Time Research
    • Rare disease research (including new age of genetically driven oncology trials) available through on-demand study format
    • Initiate a study only when you have a willing and enrollable patient
  • Training & Onboarding
    • As part of your onboarding process we will provide learning programs tailored to a site / individuals research experience
    • Turn-Key SOPs (or modified SOP assistance) for conducting research can be provided
  • Quality Assurance & Control Support
    • Access to Optimal's leadership & Quality Assurance team
    • Audit support available
  • Regulatory & Start-up Support
    • Management of IRB submissions
    • Review, retain and maintain your regulatory documentation
  • Patient Recruitment
    • Dedicated patient recruitment team available
    • Direct & indirect marketing campaigns (Site, Sponsor and IRB approved)
  • Clinical Research Staffing
    • Ability to assist and/or manage additional administrative burden created by clinical research
  • Clinical Research Contracting, Budgeting & Payment
    • Streamlined contracting process
    • One partner for payment, tracking & reporting

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