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We are Changing the Paradigm of Oncology Treatment

A 2008 study in the Journal of Clinical Oncology showed that when patients were asked to participate in a cancer research study, 75% agreed, and yet nationwide, only 3-5% of adult cancer patients participate. 

Why do so few patients participate in clinical trials?  

While there are several factors, these are the reasons most observed:

  • Availability of clinical trials in local area
  • Willingness of a physician to offer a clinical trial as part of their patients overall care
  • Patient concerns around toxicity
  • Cost of participation

At Optimal Research, we understand change is needed to truly expand access to those in need.  Our vision is to equip all physicians with a unique site activation model called Just In Time,  to allow cancer patients to participate in clinical trials and receive cutting edge therapies in their local communities.  This model also expands the potential pool of research participants while expediting all research and driving innovation at a pace keeping with the 2020 mission.  (Moonshot Initiative)

Started in the spring of 2016, Optimal's oncology community consists of more than 200 sites and 1000+ investigators.  With our continued growth, our focus remains steadfast in providing our community with access to a large number of clinical trial opportunities without the administrative burden of activating for all studies. 

The Optimal Research community is built on the methodology that allows all affiliated sites access to a portfolio of studies for their patients.  It is built on a platform that simplifies and expedites a sites' ability to provide trials to patients within a short time frame, often ten days or less

Our Corporate mission remains focused on the following idea: "To provide cutting edge clinical trial opportunities to all patients, withing their home community, supported by the people they love, while simplifying the administrative burden, and allowing physicians to focus on patient care."

As a community we also provide patients with another venue for finding cutting edge treatment , all while reducing the time and money spent on activities which do not help our patients get well.   

In short, our message has resonated and resulted in the growth of this collaborative vision and growing community.  

So let's join together, because every life is precious.  Join our Just In Time Network today.

For patient or physician  inquiries:  Please email our community director at OptimalCommunity@Optimalsites.net or                                   by calling 323-OPTIMAL (323) 678-4625. 

For Media Inquiries:  Please contact Holly Ford-Hoefer at HHoefer@optimalsites.net or by calling 240-238-4957.

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