For Sponsors

Some of the most challenging aspects of implementing clinical trials are access to competent investigators, patient recruiting, and patient compliance. In the past 10 years, Optimal has deployed over 500 trials to its core sites and accrued over 75,000 patient encounters into clinical trials; thereby building robust operational procedures, training, and patient recruitment/management techniques. Optimal has leveraged its site ownership knowledge to create a specialized network of competent investigators focused on managing patients into Sponsor Protocols in a high quality manner.

Optimal’s clients will find value in the following benefits of working with its network:

  • Optimal has conducted thorough evaluations of all network sites against rigorous quality standards
  • Access to highly sophisticated medical research professionals
  • Single point of contact for project feasibility and protocol analysis
  • One contract and one budget to engage network-wide trials
  • Internal project mana gement services for network-wide trials
  • Uniform training, standard operating procedures, and compliance management to ensure consistency and compliance with GCP, subject safety, and data integrity
  • Dedicated marketing team to customize recruitment and retention plans for protocol compliance
  • Centralized services for study startup including regulatory management
  • Creative site solutions to operationalize protocols at the site and/or patient recruiting level

Brand Pillars

The research industry is a crowded marketplace – pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are inundated with capability presentations, information, and performance metrics from all corners – CROs, data systems, technology systems, research institutions, and research site networks. In this market, it is vital that all within the organization understand and believe in the company brand.

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